Made in USA

Pressure Relief Valve


The Control Devices model CRV (UL listed and FM approved) pressure relief valve is a direct-acting, spring-loaded, piston-type relief valve. The valve may be installed in any position and will open within very close pressure limits. The bottom plug may be removed and installed in the inlet to convert to an angle-pattern flow path.

The CRV is normally held closed by the force of the compression spring above the piston. When the controlling pressure, which is applied to the chamber beneath the piston through an internal passage, exceeds the spring’s setting, the disc is lifted off its seal, permitting flow through the control. When control pressure drops below the spring’s setting, the spring forces the control back to its normal, closed position.

Turn the adjusting screw to vary the spring load on the piston and adjust the pressure. The model CRV is adjustable between 20 PSI and 300 PSI.

Key Features

  • Available in sizes 1/2” and 3/4” fnpt
  • Ul listed and fm approved for use as a fire pump casing relief valve • direct acting with precise pressure control
  • Drip-tight closure
  • Manufactured with precision o-rings
  • Globe or angle configurations available
  • Sensitive to small pressure variations
  • Meets low-lead requirements
  • Available in low-lead brass or 316 stainless steel



Size Temperature Range Materials Trim Rubber Pressure Ratings Other Materials Adjustment Range
1/2” and 3/4” female NPT threaded 180° Fahrenheit max Body and cover are forged, low-lead brass 316 stainless steel Chloramine-resistent EPOM 400 PSI max 316 stainless steel body and cover available 20 PSI to 300 PSI