Made in USA


Behind every forward-thinking, innovative company is a highly experienced engineering team, and Control Devices is no exception. Our industry-leading products are the direct result of a staff of innovative-thinking, highly trained and well-educated engineers for both our product engineering and manufacturing engineering teams.

Our product engineering and design team works on new products and supports our existing product lines, available to our customers to answer questions and provide drawings and technical information. They welcome any interaction with our customers to ensure that every Control Devices product works efficiently, effectively and to specification. In conjunction with this hands-on customer support, our engineers develop proprietary products of both our own design and in collaboration with our customers.

Our on-site engineering lab is constantly testing product capabilities in an effort to improve, develop and design cutting-edge products, keeping Control Devices at the forefront of the industry by addressing the newest trends and evolving needs of the market segments we serve.

Our manufacturing engineering team works hand-in-hand with our product engineering team to provide in-house design and production of custom assembly and test equipment. In our robust Fenton, Missouri facility, we designated a large segment of our production floor to our manufacturing model shop, which features state-of-the-art lathe and CNC equipment for sample production.

Our manufacturing engineering team performs all of our equipment maintenance because we not only wish to maintain our existing production capabilities, but also strive for continuous improvement and honor our commitment to meet our customers’ needs, from top to bottom.