Made in USA

ICON2 Valve Integrated Pressure Regulator


The ICON Valve offers medical customers a single solution for oxygen delivery to patients ending the necessity for stocking both oxygen cylinders and regulator throughout their facilities, and ending the additional labor of monitoring empty and full cylinders and attaching regulators to cylinders. Most important, the ICON Valve provides medical technicians a simple-to-operate device with straight forward remaining oxygen contents gauge minimizing any risk to have an empty cylinder when time is critical during emergencies.

  • ICON Valve is manufactured in FDA registered manufacturing facilities.
  • All processes and procedures are followed to the ISO9001:2000 standards.
  • Precision machining tolerances deliver the most accurate performance and reliability.
  • User can initiate flow with a simple turn of the positive click liter flow dial.
  • High quality chrome plated, solid brass construction for superior strength and durability.
  • All ICON Valves exceed CGA E-18 standards. All regulators pass ASTM G175 ignition tests.
  • Ergonomically designed carry handle simplifies lifting and cylinder handling, meets drop tests, and protects the regulator body and gauge from damage.
  • All models are supplied with a barb and 50PSI constant flow DISS outlet.
  • The check valve fill port is pressure operated with standard soft tip CGA540 hand tight filling adaptor. Purging, evacuation and fill is accomplished with the single connection.


Maximum Working Pressure Standard Operating Pressure Standard Safety Device Dimensions Operating Temperature Storage Tempurature Brass Model Weight
3000 PSI 2015 PSI 3360 PSI, CG4, 165F fusible metal 6”H x 4”W x 3.75”D -4 ̊F to 120 ̊F -40 ̊F to 140 ̊F 2.6lbs