Made in USA

Hi/Lo Ultra High Pressure Cylinder Valve


Double O-Ring Seal Technology for all Industrial and Medical Gases
Robust Forging For Ultra High Pressure

Tapered, NGT Threads for Steel Cylinders
Tapered, 25E Threads for Steel ISO Cylinders

The VHD Series double o-ring ultra high pressure valves are engineered to meet the most demanding applications on cylinder of 3500 to 4500PSI. Designed for use in high capacity 4500PSI cylinders, the VHD Series incorporates an integral regulator that reduces standard delivery pressure to 700-1000PSI maximum outlet pressure on the standard 3000PSI outlet. This unique product allows for gas companies to deliver higher capacity 4500PSI cylinders to customer locations with common 3000PSI apparatus. All valves are produced to meet or exceed the highest US and international standards; including ISO 10297 and CGA V-9. The valves are rigorously tested through a robust quality assurance system, and Control Devices maintains carefully monitored manufacturing processes to ensure that all valves meet or exceed design and performance specifications.


  • Fill the higher pressure port (347,680 or 701) to 4500PSI, gas service is safely supplied through the (346, 580 or 540) 3000PSI outlet at 700-1000PSI.
  • Double O-ring seal technology provides superior leak integrity at ultra high pressures.
  • Regulator is cycle tested to exceed the life of the typical cylinder hydrostatic test life.
  • Robust internal components for ultra high pressure service.
  • Extra heavy, robust forging for strength at high pressure and the most demanding applications.
  • The 3000PSI outlet is protected with secondary 2800-3000PSI safety device to protect downstream equipment.
  • Easy operation under all pressures.
  • 100% leak testing on entire production.
  • Meets and exceeds CGA V9 and ISO 10297.
  • Passed stringent adiabatic oxygen compression testing per ISO 10297.
  • All valves bagged for cleanliness no matter the gas service intended.
  • Lower plugs are designed specific for the gas service intended.
  • Unitized plug with robust hex and threads insure easy installation.
  • Common design safety and handwheels readily available.
  • Most valves are tapped for siphon tubes.

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Part Number CGA Designation Gas Service Inlet Thread Size Safety Device Service / Safety
VHD347-346-6-1-XXXX CGA347/CGA346 Breathing Air 3/4 NGT CG1 Customer Specified
VHD347-346-6-1-XXXX-24 CGA347/CGA346 Breathing Air 3/4 NGT 24OS CG1 Customer Specified
VHD347-346-25E-1-XXXX CGA347/CGA346 Breathing Air 25E CG1 Customer Specified
VHD680-580-6-1-XXXX CGA680/CGA580 Inert Gases 3/4 NGT CG1 Customer Specified
VHD680-580-6-1-XXXX-24 CGA680/CGA580 Inert Gases 3/4 NGT 24OS CG1 Customer Specified
VHD680-580-25E-1-XXXX CGA680/CGA580 Inert Gases 25E CG1 Customer Specified
VHD701-540-6-1-XXXX CGA701/CGA540 Oxygen Service 3/4 NGT CG1 Customer Specified
VHD701-540-6-1-XXXX-24 CGA701/CGA540 Oxygen Service 3/4 NGT 24OS CG1 Customer Specified
VHD701-540-25E-1-XXXX CGA701/CGA540 Oxygen Service 25E CG1 Customer Specified