Model “PR25”, “PR38” & “PR75” – Pressure Relief Valve

Model “PR” pressure relief valves are used in systems to maintain a desired pressure level. These valves are proportional relief valves (not “pop” type safety valves). Not preset at the factory, easy field adjustments with knurled adjustment screw and locked with jam nut.

Construction: All brass with stainless steel springs. PR25 uses stainless steel ball as poppet; PR38 & PR75 use nylon poppets with Nitrile seals; VR10 uses brass poppet with fluorocarbon seal
Max Temperature: 250ºF

Model “PR25”, “PR38” & “PR75” – Pressure Relief Valve

Model “CR25” – Pressure Control Valve

Model “CR25” pressure control valve is a variable-pressure relief valve, specifically designed to be installed into the head of a small (less than 2 HP), direct-drive, tankless air compressor. A micrometer-type scale allows easy and accurate adjustment of the valve from 0 to 100 psi. The valve can be used wherever a low-flow, variable-pressure relief valve is required.

Construction: Brass body and internal components, stainless steel poppet with fluorocarbon o-ring and nylon knob
Max. Flow: 6 SCFM at 100 psi
Max. Temperature: 250ºF