Venturi-Flo™ Low Pressure Drop Distributors

KeepFlo™ is proud of its legacy as the original designer of the Venturi-Flo™ low pressure drop distributor, renowned in the HVACR trade for its unique, one-piece design. Venturi-Flo™ distributors provide for maximum distribution efficiency to a multi-circuit evaporator, while ensuring minimum pressure drop. This is accomplished by utilizing a low pressure drop flow path in the design of the distributor, which results in a smooth-contour flow path that delivers equal distribution of the refrigerant to each evaporator circuit. Venturi-Flo™ distributors can be used on any direct expansion multi-circuit evaporator designed with equal length and equally loaded circuits. 

Nozzle-Type Distributors

KeepFlo's nozzle type distributors have permanent or replaceable sharp-edged orifice inserts to mix the two-phase refrigerant before it enters the coil circuit passages. These distributors rely on a sharp edge orifice to create turbulence that results in equal distribution to all the circuits.

Custom Brazed Assemblies

As a division of Control Devices, KeepFlo has broad machining and brazing capabilities on our modern manufacturing facilities located near St. Louis, Missouri. Both inlet tubes and outlet distributor tubes can be brazed to distributors for reliable, leak-free assemblies.