Thermal Relieve Valves

Model “TRV” thermal relieve valve is typically installed into a pressure washer system when a maximum specific water temperature is desired. The “TRV” remains sealed at low temperature levels, but as the temperature reaches 140º F, the valve begins to open. The valve discharges water from the system to atmosphere, and thus maintains a desired maximum temperature. The valves can be ordered with a directional plastic cap.


Model “PWN” pressure washer nozzles come in a wide variety for almost any pressure washer application. Our nozzles range from 0 to 65 degrees and 2 to 10 GPM. Model “PWN” is made to withstand 4000 psi. Nozzles are available in brass, stainless steel or plastic with a 1/4” quick disconnection or a 1/4” MNPT.


Model “PLQ” pressure washer lances are designed for use in high pressure washer systems. Lances are available in a variety of lengths from 12” to 36”. All lances are made to withstand 4,000 psi.

Multi-Tip Nozzles

Model “MTN” multi-tip nozzles combine four (4) of our high quality nozzles into one (1) easy to use nozzle assembly. Our multi-tip nozzles come with either 1/4” quick connect inlets or 1/4” FNPT.


Model “PG” pressure washer guns come in a variety of lengths, colors and trigger styles. The pressure range is from 3,000 psi to 5,100 psi.