Made in USA

Nitrous Racing Valve


Large Bore Internal Design for Superior Flow
1/8" Cylinder Head Pressure Accessory Port

Chrome Plated Brass Valve
Straight, Parallel Threads for Aluminum Cylinders

All valves are produced to meet or exceed the highest US and international standards; including ISO 10297 and CGA V-9. The valves are rigorously tested through a robust quality assurance system, and Contro lDevies maintains carefully monitored manufacturing processes to ensure that all valves meet or exceed design and performance specifications.


  • Chrome plated brass valve for racing nitrous applications.
  • High flow internal design for superior flow.
  • O-ring seal technology provides superior leak integrity.
  • Easy operation under all pressures.
  • 100% leak testing on entire production.
  • Meets and exceeds CGA V9 and ISO 10297.
  • Passed stringent adiabatic oxygen compression testing per ISO 10297.
  • 1/8"FNPT cylinder head pressure accessory ports for racing applications.
  • Unitized plug with robust hex and threads insure easy installation.
  • Common design safety and handwheels readily available.
  • Most valves are tapped for siphon tubes.
  • All straight thread inlet valves are supplied with cylinder sealing o-ring.


Part Number CGA Designation Gas Service Inlet Thread Size Safety Device Service / Safety
VC660-5-1-3000G CGA660 Nitrous Oxide 1.125-12UNF2A CG1 3000PSI
VC660-5-1-3000G-CS CGA660 Nitrous Oxide 1.125-12UNF2A G1/4 threads, CG1 3000PSI
VC660-5-1-3000G-PA CGA660 Nitrous Oxide 1.125-12UNF2A 8AN Pipe Away, CG1 3000PSI
VC660-5-1-3000G-CS-PA CGA660 Nitrous Oxide 1.125-12UNF2A G1/4 threads, 8AN Pipe Away, CG1 3000PSI