Job Listings

Product Engineer

This position provides leadership for new product design and development as well as supporting current production products. The position works closely with sales and our customers for leading the design, engineering and commercialization of new products. In addition, supports initiatives for improved quality and cost saving projects for existing products and design and engineering and commercialization of new products. This role requires interaction with customers, sales, manufacturing, purchasing and quality departments.

Set-up Operator - CNC Machinist

Program, set up and operate any job including a wide range of unusual operations on an assigned type of CNC machines, using proper techniques such as tool selection, and speeds and feeds to efficiently operate the assigned job. Must possess a knowledge of blueprint reading, the use of precision measuring devices in order to produce parts to required tolerances, plan sequence of operations, sharpen tools (such as forming tools, drills boring tools, cut-off tools). This must be done with minimum instruction and supervision. Will be responsible for the quality of parts produced until machine is assigned to an operator. Assists in the instruction of Set-up Trainees, Operators, and Operator Trainees. Diagnose, troubleshoot and make adjustments. May be assigned to remove and/or replace worn or defective parts. Must have the fundamental tools to safely and effectively perform the job.

ACME Screw Machine Set-up & Operator

This position will set-up, operate and adjust the ACME screw machines as warranted. Maintain maintenance records and tooling. Maintain work area by keeping it clean and organized and free from oil spills. Provide daily output reports. Handle material associated with the machines.

Quality Engineer

The Quality Engineer is responsible for shop floor root cause analysis and the implementation of corrective actions for process related issues. Position will assist the QA Manager in ISO quality system maintenance and continuous improvement programs.

Recruiter / Trainer

The Recruiter / Trainer will design and implement an effective training program for employees company-wide to ensure a safe working environment. This position will achieve staffing objectives by recruiting, evaluating applicants, and advising Managers. Key component in positively promoting the Company and creating a positive work culture.