Market Segments & Products

Our Valves and Nozzles:

The original Control Devices business involved the design and manufacture of valves and controls for air compressor manufacturers. Although this business started in 1963, it remains the largest segment of our business today. Through a close relationship with our customers, Control Devices has been able to grow our product line internally to meet the demands and expectations of a technologically savvy industry. The markets we touch are extensive and include the pressure washer, air compressor, fire suppression, vehicle systems and calibration gas industries. Our nozzles and valve components can be found on the shelves in various big box retailers, mechanic shops and factories, in commercial vehicles and trailers, and in a large variety of industrial settings.

Our in-house engineering team works tirelessly on new product development while providing support for our existing product lines. The design and testing takes place on-site in our engineering laboratory in an effort to maintain our commitment to excellence and our extensive in-house patented products library.

Our Float Valves:

In 2010, Control Devices introduced float valves to our already expansive product line via the acquisition of Robert Manufacturing Company (RMC) of Rancho Cucamonga, California. A company with over 70 years of manufacturing industry know-how, RMC designed and  patented the BOB® line of performance brass and stainless steel float valves, BOBBY® valve reservoir assemblies and BOBBY® miniature float valves. Today, Control Devices continues the legacy of the RMC vision while working to design, engineer and market new concepts within the float valve industry, serving diverse applications from ice-making equipment and cooling towers to livestock watering equipment. 

Our Refrigerant Distributors

KeepFlo, Inc. was acquired by Control Devices, LLC in 2012.  KeepFlo is a leading manufacturer of refrigerant distributors, critical components of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. KeepFlo supplies refrigerant distributors and brazed assemblies to leading air conditioning and refrigeration OEMs, subsystem manufacturers, and national and regional distributors.

Our Condensate Traps

Control Devices expanded its offering for compressed air applications when it acquired Drain-All® of Knoxville, Tennessee in 2011. Drain-All®’s extensive line of patented “zero-loss” condensate traps nicely complemented Control Devices’ existing product line, contributing energy-saving, performance-improving functionality to many compressed air and compressed gas system applications. Drain-All®’s Condensate Handler has become an industry standard for purging water from compressed air systems in a highly efficient and energy-saving way, and the same patented design has been modified to accommodate a variety of non-standard applications including high and low-pressure environments, high temperatures, and high concentrations of rust or other solids.